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Thanks Obamacare

Thanks Obamacare, received my Health Insurance invoice today… Big surprise my rates go up next term by 8%, to help pay for those that qualify for Obama’s free healthcare.

Wealth redistribution….. Too bad we are barely scraping by… Getting both ends to meet in the middle just became that much more difficult. Trying to tie those ends together would be a fool’s errand at best! So just who are these ‘wealthy folks’ who will be footing the bills for an out of control government? Surely, the middle class folks won’t mind paying more into the system to help those that will not get off their asses to help themselves.

Sure jobs are scarce, but they are out there. I’d much rather be working all day for what I can earn instead of kicking back waiting for the next check to magically arrive from the that big piggy bank in the sky from the gov’t. Do these people ever wonder or care where the money that is ‘owed’ to them actually comes from? I seriously doubt it.

Nov and then Jan cannot get here fast enough!

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