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Outlaw Pitchforks

Here we sit less than 48 hours after the shooting spree in Tucson, AZ and the stupid is starting up….  Already the liberals are exhonorating the shooter by blaming the gun!  A attempt is underway from the left to “fast-track” a piece of legislation that will make the magazine used in the gun in this shooting illegal.  As if that will solve anything and everything,  even prevent another shooting right?  Have these people been living on another planet where common sense is a luxury not afforded to anyone or what? 

Here is an idea for anyone who takes it into thier mind to kill another… use a pitchfork!  Let the liberals figure out a way to outlaw pitchforks for a while and leave guns alone.  Maybe they can mandate all pitchforks manufactured must now have a warning label, how many folks out there have no idea that the pointed ends of the steel tines could cause grevious bodily harm if not used according to the manufacturers directions?  Oh wait, I’ve never seen the printed instructions included, are the manufacturer’s liable for any intended or unintended forking?  Where’s the sticker explaining these tools are intended for external use only?  Should the manufacturer be liable pain and suffereing for any blisters caused by the use of said tool? 

Perhaps a national campaign to outlaw pitchforks is needed before another person is harmed by these potentially deadly tools that are just laying about in most any barn across the world where any stupid person could cause themselves serious harm!!!  Action needs to be taken!

Our deepest condolences go out for all of the victims in this tragic event, however we place the blame on the right entity, not the gun, but the moron who aimed and fired upon folks.  Guns like anything else are a tool…it takes someone operating that tool to either do the work, unfortunately a gun, not unlike the pitchfork, has the capacity to do harm as well as do good…. it is the will of the operator as to which.