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scp: command not found

Here is a simple problem with an easy solution. And it’s pretty easy to get yourself into this situation using kickstart as well. As I am transitioning myself from Slackware to CentOS (servers), and LinuxMint (Desktops) there is always a bit of a learning curve.

So, I recently built a new CentOS 6.x VM server, it was kickstart’d from my Spacewalk server, actually its been running for months as a Munin server collecting and graphing metrics for me without so much as a hiccup. Today, while attempting to use scp to copy over some new files to this box I ended up with a peculiar error.

-bash: scp: command not found

What on earth is going on here. After a few minutes of head scratching, a search of /usr/bin and /usr/sbin revealed scp was not installed. If you are like me and assumed this was installed by default along with the ssh package… well you too would be wrong! It’s a separate package named openssh-clients.

Easy solution:

yum install openssh-clients

Additionally, if you are like me and using a custom kickstart file to deploy new servers, add openssh-clients to your package list and life will continue on sans any attempts to conjoin your forehead and the desk surface (claim extends to this issue alone, as many more will surface)