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Make Permanent /dev/vmnet* for VMware Promiscuous mode

Vmware Workstation has an annoying issue with allowing promiscuous mode for ethx, unless you are running VMware as root (not a great idea). While you can simply change the permissions on /dev/vmnet* to allow rw-rw-rw but these changes go away each time your reboot.

A permanent solution and a bit more secure is to edit the vmware startup script to do it for you each time the system starts.

Simply add your user(s) to the group of your choice, in my case I’m using the adm group.

usermod -a -G adm username

Edit /etc/init.d/vmware find the section below and add the chgrp and chmod lines as below.

# Start the virtual ethernet kernel service
vmwareStartVmnet() {
vmwareLoadModule $vnet
"$BINDIR"/vmware-networks –start >> $VNETLIB_LOG 2>&1
#added follwing two lines to change perms on /dev/vmnet*
chgrp adm /dev/vmnet*
chmod g+rw /dev/vmnet*

Now device files will be set for you each time the system comes up, and end the annoyance of having to change the perms each time.