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WordPress updated to v2.8

Last week WordPress released version 2.8 of their fantastic blogging software.  Sporting 790+ bugfixes, with many changes to the backend.  So far with minimal testing it is significantly faster, and the image uploader seems to have been fixed up with no more Flash errors reported by Firefox.

Keep up the good work fellas!

Comments fixed!

Sorry folks, didn’t see the bug in my code that was not allowing comments to be posted to the database…. of course reviewing the webserver error_log is not something I frequently, but I do scrape off the Grey Fuzz from the logs every now and again for just this reason.

Comments are now being inserted into the database as expected and Akismet is doing it’s job filtering out the garbage generated by bots and the like.

Monthly income for outbound links

I saw this advert on another site and decided to give it a shot… afterall what could it hurt?

Text Link Ads

My results… signed up and was approved in a day, and within 3 weeks earned my first paid link! Granted no tremendous windfall, but hey someone willing to pay me $25 a month per link just to have a text link on one of my PR5 blogs? In a month my domain registration and annual hosting fees are paid??!!?? Now the rest of the year it puts a little extra jingle in my pocket each month. It obviously won’t earn you a shiny new car, but an extra $100 a month in your pocket for a snippet of PHP code and a few outbound links seems to be pretty fair to me.

Time to start sprucing up a few more site and submit them now that my doubts have been lifted.

Test king offers practice tests based on the real exam patterns with tests such as HP0-W02 and SK0-002. Test king has a name in training students for Cisco with tests such as 642-104 and 646-171. Another test for Cisco is 646-362 which ranks among the top at test king among the students. Test king trains students for Microsoft training with tests like 70-526.

Excellerating WordPress

While optimizing my databases and such I noticed that I had been making a fatal mistake with my WordPress database; marking comments as ‘spam’ through the comments moderation panel. This only marks the comment_approved feild in the row for that comment in the wp_comments table from ‘0’ to ‘spam’.

In over a year I’d accumilated over 12K rows just for spam that needed to be parsed each time a particular post/page was to be displayed, and dragging down the performance of my blog. Instead of marking spam as such, deleting them completely seems to be the route to take.

A quick query to run against your database in a utility such as phpMyAdmin follows to purge the tables of those entries for you;

FROM `wp_comments`
WHERE `comment_approved` = CONVERT( _utf8 ‘spam’
USING latin1 ) ;

Some tweaking may be needed far your particular setup, I’ll be submitting this as a feature request to the kind folks at WordPress or if time permits creating a quick and dirty plugin.

New code hilighter plugin

Just testing a new code hi-lighter plugin before posting any more complex code snippets.



Finally found one that actually handles the code funtion properly with WP 2.0.2! The iG:Syntax Hiliter works flawlessly 🙂

Finally catching up with the times.

See what the holidays and such can do to time…Finally upgraded WordPress (probably the best blogging software out there today!) to version 2.0, what the heck it’s only been out for 28 days now.  Normally I like to update things as quickly as possible, but as this upgrade does not address any security issues, it mostly cosmetic for background functions, combining everything into a fully intergrated Create a Post function makes things a simpler and with a ‘rich text’ GUI type interface that meansno more goofing around with multiple page loads to import images and such will make this blog a bit more enjoyable to write posts.. 

If you are still running 1.5 or older, I highly recommend updating to the lastest version.  The upgrade path is painless as always, upload the files and run the update script and your flying again. 

Additional features now intergrated tools like comment spam prevention will be interesting to see how well they function. I quickly tire of deleting 40+ spammy comments a day.

WordPress Upgrade

I’ve really fallen behind both with posting here and with patching everything, WordPress released another upgrade for the Strayhorn series, this is an interim patch up to version 1.5.2. I expect 1.6 will be released in the near future, but none the less if you are running an older version make the upgrade, by far this is the easiest web application to upgraade I’ve seen yet, unzip it, run the upgrade.php file and you are done, and no trashing of your template files. Way to go guys!

Yet another Blog Traffic Exchange

Blog Advance, the latest traffic exchange is up and running. Looks like I’m the 61st person to sign up, so here’s your shot at getting in early to earn some referrals. Hey they even start you off with 50 credits!

Blog Advance

If it takes off as well as BlogSoldiers did it’s another good way to bring more traffic to your blog.

FEC and Bloggers

What the hell does the Federal Election Commission have to do with Bloggers? Here come the liberals getting ready to launch another cry-baby-assed attack on free speech. What next Kerry lost because of bloggers? Not a chance, he lost, because he like the last democrat to sit in that chair, has no spine! Let’s see the release form for his military records that was going to be signed when? Oh that’s what I thought, sit down and shut up.

We’ve got folks fighting the current ‘powers that be’ in DC right now to leave us the hell alone, we have a right, a voice, just like anyone else. Though, some of our voices may not be heard by as many as any other media, some of us are heard by more… in either case it’s free speech, not an election campaign. If I wanted to voice my opinion that Mickey Mouse should be elected that’s my right. Hey moron’s, wake up, try reading the Bill of Rights again, it’s bad enough there have been so many infringements upon the 2nd Amendment, don’t get me started, but the 1st Amendment is only good when it’s working with or for you? When it’s not then try stomping it out of existence, is that your goal? Good luck, you let the commie bastards burn the flag of the country I’ve fought to defend, and now you want to REGULATE what I post on my own website…. Kiss My Ass!

Regulatory Reference: ABC News article

Bloggers who built their Internet followings with anti-establishment prose are now lobbying the establishment to protect their livelihoods from federal regulations.

Some are even working with lawyers, public relations consultants and a political action committee to do it.