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Somewhere along the way I picked up a copy of Texture Maker (Windows). Pretty neat program that will likely take months to figure out exactly what it is capable of.

Although I did find a neat feature that is built in, below are the results:

As you can see it’s pretty cool and does a great job of rendering, still a lot of playing around to do to get it all figured out…. not bad for a few minutes of goofing off! They get better as I learn the controls.

New Photo Gallery added

Found some more Pin-Up  (87 images) mostly colored pencil and charcoal drawings.  VERY well done…  I’m not sure of the artist right now, but they were authorized for use on an old Fantasy postcards site that I started over 10 years ago…so the email from the artist is likely buried on on of my retired Sendmail servers.

Might have to dig up the the old perl code I wrote for it and update it to PHP and re-post the site…. when I find a weekend with nothing else better to do…

Here’s some samples and a link straight to the Photo Gallery

Enjoy, and let me know if you like them!


A Bridge from Nowhere

Got this shot of a bridge over the Toledo Bend Reservoir early one morning, caught it just as the fog was rolling in. The bridge is about 1/2 mile long and serves as the only route across the water to a peninsula.

Sure makes for a really nice desktop background.

A bridge from nowhere
A bridge from nowhere

Nikon D40

f-stop f/9

exposure 1/320 sec.

ISO 200

18mm focal length

3.6 aperture


The better half saw this critter on the screen of our RV in East Texas, just had to get a pic… Sure wish I’d had a macro lens.  But the detail is fantastic for a ‘stock’ lens.

This image is HUGE 3000×2000 pixels (almost 2MB), so if you want to know what they look like closeup… here ya go.  Click the pic and it will enlarge and download, you’ll likely have to click it again to view it full size.

Camera info:

Nikon D40

Lens – 18-55mm

F-stop – f/5,6

Exposure Time – 1/60


Exposure bias – 0 step

Focal Length – 55mm

32mm focal length – 82